Bump & Jolt Machines

Shakti make Bump & Jolt Machines

Bump & Jolt Machines

M/s. Shakti engineers have developed and designed the above machine to simulate the conditions experienced on Indian roads while dispatching materials by road or to check the quality of material used, in welding, packaging, storing etc..

Various parts, products, components and/or assemblies are tested by the bumps, jolts and vibrations imparted by this machine to the article to be tested. Nowadays this machine is used to check the packaged articles, and packages. Due to this, the packaging material, packed items, etc are also tested.

The bump is a free fall of 25 mm. (it can be predesigned)

The frequency of the bumps is controlled by varying the rotational speed of the cams. This frequency can be changed from 60 to 160 drops per minute by means of the controller. A counter is provided to count the bumps during a particular period, set as required.

All components are designed for heavy duty operation by using good quality bearings and metals.

This machine is field proven and is a good testing tool for manufacturer’s, who are keen to achieve quality to match international standards.

A heavy duty rotary vibrator is provided to impart jolts in the horizontal direction. The frequency of jolts can be changed from 25 to 50 jolts per second /1500 to 3000 per minute.

A control panel is provided to supply variable speeds to both the motors separately and the values adjusted independently of each other.